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Al.com asks who paid for Lt. Governor Will Ainsworth's Top Golf Party

Brent Wilson

Staff member
Taking up the whole top floor of TopGolf last week was Lt. Governor Will Ainsworth’s inaugural party. A couple of hours earlier, he had loaded up at least three tour buses full of Alabama lawmakers, their staffs and their families and headed to Birmingham for a night of bad golf swings, finger food and open bars. And, of course, a throng of lurking lobbyists looking to make connections.

Ainsworth met us at the door, not mad at all that we’d try to see what all the fun was about, but he seemed genuinely confused why we were there. He declined to be interviewed on camera, but he did tell me that his inaugural committee was paying for everything inside TopGolf

And that’s probably the only answer we’ll ever get. Because, like bachelor parties or Carnival, inaugurations are a period when all those pesky rules about ethics and campaign finance disclosures are suspended for everyone to come out to play.

The whole article here: Who paid for lieutenant governor’s Topgolf party? is really good. Thoughts?